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About The Release

Cosmic Audio Label is pleased to present “Transcendent” the new album by Salvatore Gualtieri aka “Toregualto”, with the collaboration of many artists such as Terra V., Fischer & Miethig, Piero Zeta, Eric Zimmer, Thomma, Henry Mwnn Lobbs and MC – ITTO, is an album composed of a total of fifteen trance tracks, for a mouth-watering sound experience, giving light to the almost Italian trance, Toregualto also reprized a Giovanni Meloni song “Heart And Brain” in an uplifting version in his memory.
A special thanks goes to the collaboration and mastering of Ciro Visone.
An album that will be part of the playlists of trance lovers.


Artist: Toregualto
Label: Cosmic Audio Label
Release Date: 18/12/2020
Genre: Trance
Publisher: Cosmic Audio Label