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01. New Life Toregualto Rmx 06:10
Artist: Daniel Rigoni
Label: Tecnomind Uplifting
Release Date: 08/04/2022
Genre: Trance
Publisher: Tecnomind Uplifting


New Life Toregualto Rmx

Daniel Rigoni is back in Tecnomind Uplifting with another massive release. ,'New life' with 2 remixes to boot ! The original already sounds awesome with good melodies and an energetic uplifting baseline and artists Josh Pvoi and Toregualto, are on remixing duties and both have made a remix up to their usual high standards , making really quality versions that make a very complete release . So, here is a very recommendable release, full to bursting, including 3 Radio Edits by Phil Langham, that you can't afford to miss. Download the bundle in your favourite store !