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01. Moderna (Original Mix) 06:21

About The Release



Artist: Toregualto
Label: Tecnomind Uplifting
Release Date: 26/11/2021
Genre: Trance
Publisher: Tecnomind Uplifting


Moderna (Original Mix)

'Toregualto' is already consolidated as one of our best artists, since his previous remixes are being really successful and became top tracks of our labels, so we are very proud to work with him. Now is time to present his first original tune with us through Tecnomind Uplifting, this is named 'Moderna', and sounds like the uplifting top tracks of the scene. This has an energy and euphoric melody that amazed us, and we are totally sure that also you will love it. For complete the release we count with a perfect remix from 'Zhiroc', who is another of our best artists. He did a work of awesome quality, and we truly think this remix is one of the most energetic uplifting tracks that we heard from him, of course we absolutely love it. Definitely, this is a 100%% recommended pack, in which all the tracks are outstanding. Don't miss the complete release, and enjoy!