Toregualto, is a disc jockey, Italian record producer, began making music at age 14 in the Pomeridian Clubs of Bologna, immediately discover that he is a lover of electronic music, with years moving into clubs without Romagna. Recognized since 2007 by SIAE as Composer Salvatore Gualtieri, in collaboration with iNigma and Sir Chester Cobblepot as a composer of soundtracks for video games in application for APPLE and Android.
From 2013 DJ Residence Almagià of Ravenna.
Today it is the owner of TOREGUALTO ENTERTAINMENT, with sub-labels BASSTAPE, SG PRO STUDIO, PT Records and EDM EVENT, and in collaboration with Piero Zannoni (aka Piero Zeta) at Gothic Records LTD, Plasticize LTD Records, What Records and DICA33 Records. 1999/2000 came out with the single “Utopia of the Future”, “Cosmoone” and “Miss On The Moon” recognized in the MixoPiú lineup, published on the TREND WAVE.
In 2013 he released with the single “Return On Old Steps” recognized in first place in the Spotlight on Dance chart.